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My summer 2014 “Must-Haves” before going blading:

1. Ray Ban Sunglasses
2. (5) Various Ace products for the left wrist
3. Tiger Balm muscle rub ointment
4. Ace neoprene elbow wrap for right elbow
5. Tom’s of Maine Deodorant
6. (2) Ace Bandages for left shin
7. Ace neoprene knee wrap for right knee
8. (3) Skate L- key tools; generic, K2 & Gripz
9. Pair of USD Shin Guards
10. Ace neoprene ankle wrap for left ankle
11. TruFit ankle brace for left ankle
12. Tiger Balm Extra Strength ointment
13. McDavid ankle brace for right ankle

…and this is why it takes him 2 hours to leave his house.

Wszyscy tam będziemy.

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